Biography of Complaint

Who has civil rights and how are they enforced? 

If you had a health issue that prevented you from getting a job or barred you from returning to school, what would you do?

Who would be safe to tell? 

Would you have the individual means to file a complaint, or is there an organization or resources prebuilt to assist you? 

How would you come up with the words to describe what happened to you if you are unable to recognize your story in print?

This year at Art in Odd Places, New Yorkers will be able to get in on the act and play a part in the performance of equity and inclusion with Leopoldo Bloom’s Biography of Complaint. If you are having a hard time finding the correct form or the right words to briefly condense your negative experiences into a proper complaint template, join Bloom outside of the Apple store on West 14th street. 

Art in Odd Places

September 23 : 7-9pm, September 24 1-3pm 7-9pm , September 25 2-8pm

West 14 th and 9th avenue New York City

Online Works in Progress…

#BIOGRAPHY of COMPLAINT a live-art and online meme project that surveys the performatory nature of civil rights laws. This life as art project is inspired by the writings of Sara Ahmed and the artist’s experience of academic gaslighting, after he reported a hostile work environment in graduate school. In the durational performance of #BIOGRAPY of COMPLAINT Leopoldo Bloom assists New Yorkers with filling out civil rights complaint forms. Acting as a scribe, Bloom translates participation’s oral histories into legal jargon, validating their stories into a codified complaint template. #myEDUCATIONinReverse


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