​Leopoldo Bloom​           

Recent Work 


(2019- Work In Progress) is a live-art and online project that surveys the performatory nature of civil rights laws and institutional diversity measures. The venture is inspired by the writings of Sara Ahmed and the artist’s experience of academic gaslighting, after he reported bullying in graduate school. In the performative portion of #BIOGRAPHYofCOMPLAINT Leopoldo Bloom will assist New Yorkers with filling out local city civil rights complaints. Performing as a scribe, he will assist members of the public with placing their story into a recognized complaint template. To visit my complaint narrative visit

The Migratory Patterns of North American Queers at the Turn of the Century. ​

( 2016 – Work In Progress). This  project uses the format of a physical photo album as a tool for auto-ethnographic data collection. ​Migratory Patterns​ …. will focus upon the themes of migration, the role of queer community in enabling self-actualization and the role of personal narratives in documenting human migration.

How to Transition on Sixty Three Cents a Day.​ 2013. A ​limited edition artist book of 163 copies, that was printed using hand set type and a letterpress platen press. ​How to …  ​is made up of thirty- one unbound postcards and seven pieces of ephemera housed in a metal film can. It is a memoir with a non-linear narrative that unfolds through un-mailed postcards from the author to his Italian immigrant mother. The book tells the tale of the author moving from New York City to Portland, Oregon and physically transitioning from female to male. Instead of hanging his work on the wall or under a glass box, the book is displayed on a table for the viewer to touch and sift through the postcards. This manner of exhibition will allow the audience to hold and read the book in the palm of their hands.


June​, 2012, 35mm color, silent, 7 minutes.​ June​ is a visual film diary and city symphony of Portland, Oregon that is shot entirely with slide film and still photographic cameras.

The Big Film Series,​ 1999- 2011​:​ A collection of seven 35mm hand processed film portraits, shot and projected using an early motion picture hand cranked camera and projector. In these performative film screenings, Leopoldo Bloom operates his projector among the audience rather than anonymously from an isolated projection booth, creating an intimate screening experience reminiscent of the dawn of cinema.

Tableaux Vivant.​ 2003. Film Installation. 2,000 square feet, 4-16mm film projectors and film loops. Tableau Vivant​ redeploys virtually every aspect of the filmmaking process.  As viewers walk through the corridors between the projectors, filmstrips and projections on the wall, they are able to come in contact with the interaction of light, film and image expanded into a of raw architectural film space.

The Portland Movie.​ 2001, 16mm color, silent, 8 minutes. A collaborative film shot and edited with Susannah Slocum. This film started out as part of a written correspondence between two friends. A culmination of over a dozen rolls of film that were shot and shipped across the country from a period of over a year.

August 1997, Greenpoint, NY. 1998. ​16 mm B&W, hand processed, silent, 8 minutes. A hand processed film portrait created in the tradition of city symphonies. In this film the kinetic movement of the film emulsion has replaced the frantic motion of the city. August 1997, Greenpoint, NY is a wistful meditation upon the obsolescence of the urban industrial landscape in New York City. The decaying and antiquated features of this landscape are captured with faltering grains of silver nitrate and straying electrolytes.

Grieg Farm, Red Hook, NY. 1997​. 16 mm B&W, hand processed, silent, 9 minutes. An intimate portrait of the disappearing countryside of New York’s Hudson Valley. 

Recent Exhibitions of #BIOGRAPHYofCOMPLAINT

2019 June. WERQ: Queer Labor and Work. NOGO Arts. Brooklyn, NY

2019 May. ITINERANT annual Performance Art Festival NYC. Smack Mellon. Brooklyn, NY.


Project & Professional Development Grants

2016, 2015. Arizona State University Graduate Student Enrichment Grant, Tempe, AZ.   

2013  Regional Arts Cultural Council Project Grant, PTL, OR.                       

2013  Puffin Foundation Grant, Teaneck, NJ.                                                   

2012, 2004 Regional Arts Council Professional Development Grant. PTL, OR. 

2004  Experimental Television Center Finishing Fund. NY.                         

2003  Canada  Council of the Arts International Artist in Residence Fellowship. Toronto, Ontario.

Selected Exhibitions of ​How to Transition on Sixty Three Cents a Day

2019 July. Center for the Book Member’s Showcase. NYC, NY.

2018 July. ART511 Magazine’s Eminent  Domain. NYC, NY. 

2016 January. Backstory: College Book Arts Conference. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.                         ​                                                           

2015 Creative Codex: Books as Art in the Walter Havighurst Special Collections. ​Miami University, Oxford, OH                                                       

2014 August. Inner Librare. George Mason University.                                 

2013 Fall. Multnomah County Library Rare Book Room. PTL, OR.             

2013 November to January. NW Branch Portland Library. PTL, OR.

Institutional Collections of  ​​How to Transition on Sixty Three Cents a Day

Duke University, Durham, NC 

Lafayette College, Easton, PA

Jaffe Collection at Florida Atlantic University, Bocca Raton, FL

Miami University, Oxford, OH

University of California, Santa Barbara, Davidson Library, Santa Barbara, CA

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, IA

University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

University of Washington Libraries, Seattle, WA 

Wesleyan University, Olin Library, Middletown, CT 

Selected Solo Exhibitions of ​The Big Film Series

2004, October. Hampshire College. Amherst, Massachusetts 

2004, March. Reed College. Portland, Oregon

2003, November. Olympia Film Festival. Olympia, Washington.

2003, June. Chicago Filmmakers. Chicago, Illinois.

2002, February. San Francisco Cinematheque. San Francisco, California.

2000, September. The Whitney Museum of American Art. NY, NY. 


Bard College​, Annandale on Hudson, New York. B.A.,  May 1999